Dianova Table

Dianova Table is our largest diamond sharpener. Standard it comes with both fine and rough diamond surface. The difference between the Dianova Table and the other models is that with this model you keep the sharpener stationary on the table and instead move the object that needs sharpening while holding it with both hands to make it simpler to keep the same angle throughout the sharpening process. To ensure that the sharpener doesn’t move around while sharpening, we have placed it in a rubber stand that sticks to the surface. Switching between fine/coarse sides it as simple as flipping the sharpener over and putting it back in the rubber stand. An additional benefit of the stand is that the sharpener gives your fingers some room to hold the blade without scraping the knuckles on the workbench.

The diamonds are fixed on a very sturdy aluminium surface, of 10 mm thickness to ensure absolute flatness.

Measurements: Length: 160 mm, Width: 55 mm, Height: 12 mm
Total height of sharpener including stand is 16,5 mm

Suggestion for sales text below (feel free to copy and use in your shop or catalog as you please):

”Swedish made table diamond sharpener of highest quality. Perfect to keep in the slaughterhouse/kitchen/workshop for easy sharpening of knives, axes, chisels and cleavers.
It stays put on the workbench thanks to a rubber stand and has both a fine and course side (300 and 600 grit or rather 30/60 micron diamonds).”