Dianova Flex duo

A Swedish-made professional-quality flexible dual model diamond sharpener with large diamond-covered surfaces.

The unique thin, flexible Flex Duo allows sharpening of the desired edge profile, such as hollow grinding on a gut hook knife. It is lightweight and perfect for a hunting trip and can of course also be used for ordinary knives. The stainless spring steel in each sharpener returns to its flat shape after   bending.

Dianova Lapstone’s proven manufacturing process has been used since 1993 to guarantee an even, hardwearing surface with an unequalled number of diamonds per square millimetre.

Dimensions (* 2) – Length: 90 mm, Width: 20 mm, Thickness: 1 mm
Diamond surface: 75 * 19 mm

Fine and course diamond surfaces of 30 or 60 micron diamonds, corresponding to 600 or 300 grit