Dianova Exclusive

An exclusive Swedish-made handheld diamond sharpener of the very highest quality.
This highly-regarded, beautiful sharpener makes a popular gift which, despite its looks, shouldn’t be confused with an ornament. The masur birch handle fits comfortably in the hand and can withstand both sun and rain, while the genuine leather sheath holds the sharpener securely in place and allows it to be easily taken out when required. It has a fine surface and a course surface of 300 or 600 grit (60 or 30 micron diamonds).

The handle is made of masur birch (gnarly birch) which covers 1.5 mm stainless steel and he leather case is fitted with a belt-loop.

Length: 125 mm, Width: 20 mm, Blade thickness: 3 mm with 19 * 75 mm diamond surfaces.