Dianova Cook

DIANOVA Cook has an ergonomic grip that makes it comfortable to hold , while the guard protects the fingers during sharpening process. The long diamond surface allows for big motions and quick sharpening, which is extra useful when sharpening large knives such as butcher and cook knives.

As standard the Dianova Cook comes with both fine and coarse diamond surfaces, but any combination of singles sided or double of same can be ordered. A small detail worth mentioning is that many butchers as well as cooks prefer to only use the coarse side, since this gives the knife a micro serrations that cuts both meat and vegetables very well.

Variant: Dianova Cook also can be ordered without the plastic handle, which makes it slimmer and less bulky. This variant also has an optional Condura sheath.

Specifications –  Length: 250 mm, Width: 20 mm, Thickness: 3 mm
Diamond surface: 150 * 20 mm (30/60 micron which corresponds to 600/300 grit)
Handle material is plastic that surrounds high quality, 1,5 mm stainless spring steel

Suggestions for sales text below (feel free to copy and use in your shop or catalog as you please):

#1 ”Swedish made Diamond sharpener of highest quality. This proven and versatile model is great to have in the kitchen drawer near the cook knives as well as in the restaurant kitchen to ensure sharp knives and cleavers.
Length: 250 mm, width: 20 mm, thickness: 3 mm, diamond surfaces:  150 * 20 mm
Handle of plastics that encircles a 1,5 mm stainless spring steel.”