About us

Dianova Lapstone AB manufactures and sells proprietary and self-produced diamond sharpeners, mainly to distributors and retailers since 1993. Our production takes place in Skelleftehamn, with good worker conditions and minimal environmental impact.

The main purpose of this site is to help you as a new or existing customer of ours to find interesting products for your customers along with product descriptions and image / film material in several languages ​​that will help you as a retailer to market the products and earn more money.

So why sell Dianova Lapstone’s products then?

#1 Quality – we use the highest quality grade of industrial diamonds as it is the only way to ensure that the diamonds are actually 30 and 30 respectively. 60 microns. The diamonds are attached with a technique that gives the world’s highest diamond density per unit of surface area, and in addition they are hard-wearing and the brows last for many years even during intensive use.

#2 Uncomplicated – our products contain as few components as possible and therefore they do not break down. Because of this, and also that the products otherwise keep what they promise, we have not had more than a handful of returns since the beginning of the 1990s.

#3 Economy – our products are competitively priced and as a re-seller you can count on a good profit margin.

Visiting address:
Dianova Lapstone AB
Näsuddsvägen 14
932 32 Skelleftehamn

Invoice address:
invoice@dianova-ab.se (preferred)
Dianova Lapstone AB
Kritvägen 7
141 34 Huddinge

Org. no.
VAT number:
CEO – Ola Pettersson
+46 (0) 70-349 03 35

Become a partner/place an order

Send an email to our CEO ola@dianova-ab.se and present you and your company. We always try to be as easy to deal with as possible and require an absolute minimum of bureaucracy.

Are you already a partner / retailer and want to place orders? Send an email to order@dianova-ab.se

Of course, we will send you an order confirmation with estimated delivery date within a day after your order. If you have advance planning and want a specific date slightly further in the future, then this is greatly appreciated.

Sharpening instructions

Below are instructional videos on how to use a diamond sharpener. There are many other ways of course and in all honesty it doesn’t really matter that much because with practice all methods work more or less equally well.

Finding and maintaining the sharpening angle while grinding is key.