Become a partner/place order

Are you not a partner/re-seller already but would like to be one? Simply send an email to our CEO at and tell him briefly about your company and how/where you intend to sell our products. We try to be very straight forward and simple to conduct business with so no extra steps is usually required after this initial exchange of emails.

Are you already a partner/re-seller and wants to palce an order? Send an email to

Time to delivery depends on how the full our order-book is at  the time, but as an indication smaller order of up to 100 sharpeners is usually sent from us within two weeks regardless of when the order is placed. Of course you’ll receive an order confirmation and expected date of delivery within two days from your order. If you are not in a hurry but want better control of when you’ll receive the goods, then tell us the requested date and we’ll use that as delivery date instead.